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Sorry I have not posted in a month and that trend could continue. If you want to know what I’m up to I’m on Twitter. @billcoffman

Bye blogging world for now.

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free food

If there  is free food to be had my family will do anything.  Thank you Chick-fil-a.


Now if only Longhorn will let us dress up like a chicken for a free steak!

Baby Samuel slept through the event.

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My Three Sons

Yes, I have 5 children but the other day my 3 boys were sitting togher and I just had to take this picture.  Very few of you are old enough to remember My Three Sons but here are mine.


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Tennessee Vacation

My family and I are taking a much needed family vacation this weekend.  We are up at my sister and brother-in-law’s beautiful house in Johnson City, TN.  7 miles from the Bristol track for you NASCAR fans.  We are having an wonderful time.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating my daughter Sarah Beth’s 7th birthday as well as our country.  Sarah Beth still believes all the fireworks are for her.  Then Sunday I get the rare pleasure of attending a church.  I have been hearing great things about this church up here and I’m looking forward to just sitting back and attending.

If you have not heard.  My wife Dawn starts her new job in about a week and I’m so excited for her.  It’s a great oppertunity in so many ways.

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What’s happening

  • Dawn and I had a very nice relaxing anniversary vacation on Amelia Island this weekend.  Big thanks to so many people who helped us so much with our kids so we could go on this trip.  Thank you.
  • Good service yesterday with lots of fun father’s day stuff.
  • Most fun being “Boxing for Meat”.  See pictures below.
  • Great job technical team setting all the wii stuff up and getting in on our screens.  Never underestimate how hard our tech team works since we operate in a portable setting.
  • Loved giving away a steak.  Hope the guys were happy.
  • Everyone seemed to love Perry Noble’s preaching on Sunday.  He is such an engaging speakers.  Many people asked me about his church.  Here is the link to his church.
  • Great job Nathan leading the band while John was at our other campus.
  • I’m very sad to report the Dittmer family is moving in two weeks.  Carl, Beth and their kids have been with us since we began and due to his job switch they will be moving.  If you remember I had the honor of baptizing their daughter Kendra earlier this year.  We will be very sorry to see them go but I’m so glad to have gotten to know them over the past year and a half.  Beth told me today that this will be their 24th move.
  • Make sure you join us for our last week of One Prayer this Sunday.
  • Here are a few pictures Dawn Doyle was nice enough to take for me of this past Sunday’s game
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redneck swimming pool

What do you call it when your kids begin to use your former cat’s litter box (cleaned out) for a swimming pool?

captions anyone?

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What’s Happening

  • I am loving One Prayer !!
  • 2 weeks ago Craig Groeshel was amazing and now this week Andy Stanley preached an awesome service for us.
  • Lots of good talks with people this week.
  • Prayed with a high school student that wants to put God first in his life.
  • Prayed with a young adult that has been through a lot and says that’s it I need God.
  • Summer is very difficult for us for a number of reasons.
  • Biggest reason being the school puts all the desks, tables, bookcases etc in the hallway and we must move them all back in rooms then back out of rooms when we leave.  If you are available to help out on either end please let me know.
  • Second biggest reason was air conditioning.  We didn’t have any yesterday.  Don’t worry we should have that fixed by this week.  I’m again sorry about the heat.
  • I was so impressed with our church yesterday as NO ONE complained about the heat as many of us sweated through our shirts.  What great attitudes.
  • Loved the service this week.  Lot’s of cool moments and a very cool music video.  Did you miss white man?  Jason has it on his blog.
  • Don’t miss this week!! Why?  Well we have a big surprise.  Something we have never done before and someone will walk away with an amazing prize.
  • Also it’s father’s day so hey if you’re a dad, make sure you come.  No we won’t embarrass you but we will give you something fun to see.
  • I’ve so looking forward to Dawn and my mini-vacation this weekend.  It’s our 15 year anniversary and we have farmed out all the kiddies (except baby) and we’ll be at Amelia Island Thursday – Saturday.  Can’t wait.
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What’s Happening This Week

  • Obviously the highlight of my Sunday was seeing all 5 of my kids walk into the church.
  • I’m so glad everyone got to hear one of my favorite speakers (Craig Groeschel) this week.  He did an awesome job.
  • See someone does have more kids than Dawn and I!!
  • I heard Sharpsburg also loved the message and responded great to a video message.
  • We (Madras folks) are not surprised.
  • We will continue One Prayer this week with a speaker many will recognize.  Clue:  He is from the Atlanta / Northpoint / Buckhead area.
  • I’ve already watched the message and it is just awesome.
  • I met some really cool first timers this week.
  • I’ve been able to see many picture of Ed on his trip to Israel.
  • He will still be there about 8 more days.
  • At this point in my life, I can’t be gone that long but I’m quite jealous reading about his trip.
  • Last night’s volunteer banquet was so much fun.  270 people from 2 campuses got together for a night of food and fun.
  • It’s always fun for me to see the Sharpsburg campus but I love the people at Madras.
  • This week I have heard very sad news about 2 more pastors that I know that have had to step down from their churches due to personal indiscretions.
  • Those stories always make me sad because I know how many people can be affected by what a pastor does in his personal life.
  • I pray often that what I do in my personal life will not hurt someone else’s walk with God.
  • Dylan had a baseball party Friday night and a few of my “paper people” were there and they just blew me away by their generosity to my family.
  • Dylan is still in a back brace but continues to improve everyday.
  • Dawn and I are taking our yearly short 2 day vacation (no kids) in 2 weeks to Amelia Island.  It’s been a very difficult 2 months and I’m really looking forward to it.
  • Look forward to seeing you this Sunday for week 2 of God is…
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church tomorrow

I’m very pleased to say all 7 of us will be at church tomorrow at Madras.  Also all of us will be attending the volunteer banquet tomorrow night at the Sharpsburg Campus.  What a blessing to be able to type that.

Hope to see everyone from both campuses at the banquet.

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Really “Man of Steel”

I thought the last post was going to be my last one about the accident but…

My brother “Uncle Lance” and his great wife Jenny sent my little man of steel a real suit to wear.   It is so awesome.   He doesn’t want to take it off.  I was able to fit it over his turtle shell brace.  Now he is the real superman!  

Thanks Lance and Jenny

He might be enjoying his new nickname a little too much.  🙂

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