Posted by: cccmadras | March 7, 2008


I just had to share this with whoever you are that read this blog.  

Let me try and write a picture of what is going on right now all around me. 

I’m sitting at my desktop computer reading a really cool message that was emailed to me.  It is a talk that is going to be presented at a multi-site conference next month.  The crux of this talk is God is calling us to think outside of the box and do things for Him that the world would consider idiotic but He would consider worthwhile.  (like sending out controversial cards so those exact people will attend, but I digress)

Anyway, as I’m reading this talk and jamming on my ipod to Jars and Knapp there are tons of “idiotic” things going on all around me.  While my 4 kids are sleeping down that hall there are 3 adults and a teen a few feet from me, spending hours practicing a drama in my den. Also right now,  a few miles from here there are about 10 people (mostly college age students) spending a few hours practicing singing and playing music together in a someone’s garage.  All these people could be doing 100’s of other things right now.  (I’m sure American Idol is on somewhere tonight) But instead of doing things that average people would consider normal they are practicing a ton for a practice (preview) service for a new church (campus) that is going to meet in a middle school that the main message will not even be done by a physical person but a video and did I mention that this campus hasn’t even had their first service yet.  Now doesn’t that sound “idiotic”?  Isn’t that what God calls us to do?  Be idiots for Him so others can know Him. 

I’m so proud of tonight.   This is just a small example of the sacrifice of time so many people are putting in everyday so that people in the Madras/Happy Valley / Highway 29 area will know what knowing Jesus is really like. 

Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of this. 

By the way, I just finished reading the message and here’s how it ends:

Stop playing by the book, stop following the rules, stop doing what people expect, and get uncivilized.  Get crazy.  Become a fool for Christ.  Be an idiot.  An idiot who God has chosen and who has spent time with Jesus, and who starts an idiotic church.



  1. Well said! There are a 100 other things that those people could be doing, but really, is there 100 BETTER things they could be doing? To me I don’t think so, and apparently to those at your house, and a few miles from your house, there isn’t either.

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