Posted by: cccmadras | March 16, 2008

Who is CCC Madras?

img_1389.jpgThat That is a question that I pray many people are asking.  Who is this church?  Why are they at Madras Middle School?  What do these cards mean?  Should I go and check them out on Easter?  Why are their signs around the Madras area?  Those and many more questions I pray are being asked.  Because the more people ask ,the more God is helping them to think about church.  We all realize how important it is to be involved in a local church and what it has meant to our families. 

Today we had our 2nd and last preview service.  It was such an improvement from last week.   Last week we saw the potential of what could happen here.  This week we saw it begin to take form.   Our service looked and sounded great.  Next week, I will try and take some pictures of our community kids area.  Jeff and his team have just done an amazing job with it.  We even had some first time visitors attend our preview service today.  Really good day today.  

Back to my earlier question.  Who is CCC Madras?  Community Christian Church is really who we are.  We are one church two locations.  Without those at CCC Sharpsburg we could not do this.  Above is a picture of those that are serving at this new campus.  One multi-site leader calls people that help start new campuses pioneers.  They are leaving what they know going out into the unknown for the good of others they do not know.  This is a lot of work and these people are just flat out amazing.  I’m so excited an blessed to be serving with all of them. 



  1. Bill, I can’t tell you how exciting this picture made me . . . seeing this group of some 70 pioneers! I saved it on my desktop so that I can pray for you all and thank God for you all often. I’ve already invited 3 friends to the Madras campus because it’s about 5 miles or less from each of their houses. Thanks, pioneers, for helping me reach my friends!

  2. My father told me that he knows of a trouble young man (about 25 yrs old) who received one of the mailers about Madras and said “This is the kind of church I need to go to”. I was so glad to hear that…I thought I’d share.

  3. Bill,

    I’m with Ed on this one…for the last two Sundays as the service tape has walked out the door my heart longed to go with it and join you guys out there on the spiritual frontier. I love all you Madras guys! I’ve only known everybody for six months or so but it feels like half my family is out there now.

    God speed as Easter day approaches…


  4. i couldn’t help but save this picture, and i couldn’t help but title it “church4therestofus” What better title. I read one of the comments on this post, and it really was awesome. Way to go ccc madras! way to go our team!

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