Posted by: cccmadras | March 18, 2008


When we started thinking a planning our first multi-site campus we had many people ask why?   Here is an email I recieved on Monday that says why better than I ever could:

I just wanted to share that we have invited a close friends of ours that live near Sergeant several times to go to church with us.  They came a couple of times but they felt it was too far to drive.  I told them several weeks ago about the Madras Campus and they seemed excited.  This past week they asked if the services were up and running.  I explained to them that they were and they could go if they wanted but to please understand that it was a preview service and they are getting all the kinks worked out etc. for the Easter service.I called them after the 10:30 Service to see if they attended and they did!!They said it was Awesome!!  They were amazed at how alike it was to the Sharpsburg campus.  They said it was not weird seeing Jason on a screen and that the message was wonderful.  She did say that she thought they were the only family that was not part of the relocated Madras team but they did not feel uncomfortable at anytime and were made to feel welcome the minute they walked in. She was even commenting on how she wanted to help with the Easter Egg Hunt but had to go with her son to Columbus for a ball tournament.  She is already ready to serve!!I just want to say a big Thank You to those at the Madras Campus!! This family was one of my four for reaching 60,000.

Now that is WHY.  Please I beg you, go to the Sharpsburg campus on Saturday and pray for the Madras campus during the 12 hours of prayer 8a-8p.  Pray that there will be many more stories like this and many other stories of people that have never heard of CCC Sharpsburg but have decided to come and give church one more shot. 



  1. WOW!!! That is one amazing story Bill! I am so excited to hear that we where able to make someone feel at home, and not only that, but also at a new campus on a preview service that we didn’t even advertise. This is one amazing thing that we should be proud of. I can’t wait till this Sunday when there are more people like this waking through the door.

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