Posted by: cccmadras | March 19, 2008


82.jpgYou now have only 4 days left till Easter.  Yes we are all busy getting ready, but what’s it really all about.  Let’s not get to involved in getting ready for our big launch we forget to invite someone. 

Remember 82% of people who are invited to an Easter service by a friend will say yes.  So that is better than 3 out of 4.  So there were around 50 adults at Madras last week and if we all just invite 2 people each, the stats say that about 75 people will say yes.  

Have you invited 2 people yet?  It’s the best day of the year to invite.  It never gets easier.  So who are your 2 people?

You have 4 days left.  Go for it. 

I have invited 1 and looking forward to talking to another this week.

***  Don’t forget, come back to this blog on Thursday for a very special video  ****** 

Lastly, my Easter is already amazing.  A very close friend of mine is getting baptised on Easter Sunday at Sharpsburg.  It’s been exciting to see how his relationship in God has grown so much over the years.  But the future God has for him has me even more excited. It doesn’t get much better that this.


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