Posted by: cccmadras | March 20, 2008

Future of CCC

We produced this video/drama for our vision Sunday in September 2007.  Watching it now, now that we are on the edge of starting, is just amazing.  I got huge goosebumps just watching it.  It is really humbling to think God is using us to start this part of the plan.  Sunday will be incredible no matter how many people show up.  Thank you God for giving us this chance.  Thank you Madras and Sharpsburg for playing your roles in this. 

60,000 here we come.

Please comment on this video and what you are feeling as we are just days away from starting.



  1. Remember, we made this video before we ever had a location.

  2. Man, what an awesome video this is. It was cool to watch when it was first made, but honestly didn’t make much sense back then….now though, it really means something. Now that I have been at madras, and heard stories from some of the people who have and will be going, this video makes a lot of sense. It is so cool how close and real it is to real life.

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