Posted by: cccmadras | March 23, 2008

If you mail it they will come…

There is really not words to describe today.  When we opened the doors at 10:15 and there were so many people I hadn’t seen before, we were really overwhelmed.  Both our services were just amazing.  Many many people said they came because of the cards. Many of which had never been to or even knew about CCC Sharpsburg.  We had great conversation after great conversation. 

I wish I could thank all the people who served today.  They gave it their all.  Everyone  had such a “whatever it takes” attitude.   I really was so proud of our team. 

Here is a picture of what my view was from the stage, as I said my first welcome at Madras.  Yes, I took the picture during my welcome.  Please blow it up and notice those crazy people in the booth.


Sorry not many pictures today.  I was just too busy meeting some awesome people.

By the way, the final official count total of both services including commuinty kids was 314.  Praise God!!!  Thank you so many of you for praying. 



  1. wow, 314? That is so awesome! Way to go CCC Madras. That is so cool. And you have got to love those booth guys! I hope that next week we have just as many or more.

  2. At Sharpsburg, many of us were like anxious parents waiting to hear from the “kids” who have just moved away. Someone from Sharpsburg would receive a text message from someone at Madras and its contents would spread like wildfire. (You guys could have really had a good time with that) I walked over to the office building at one point in time and shared news of your 10:30 service with one of our data entry teams. Of course, they were ecstatic but the cool thing was that I could overhear them continue to talk about it minutes later. Many at Sharpsburg experienced the excitement of one church in two locations.

  3. That picture is pure, unadulterated, hundred proof awesomeness.

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