Posted by: cccmadras | March 24, 2008

KC goes deep

The greatest thing about our church is how we so often get to see life change.  On Sunday  it really hit me how really blessed we are that God let’s us each play a part in helping people find Him 

Yesterday over at the Sharpsburg Campus, KC VanOrden was baptized.  He is an perfect example of God using many people to show His love to him.  Many of us at Madras have grown to love KC and are so excited about what God has next for him.  I know many of you were sad to not get to see his baptism so I have included it here.  This is what Easter and starting a new campus is all about. 

Sorry the first part does not have audio but it will near the end. 



  1. Bill, thanks so much for sharing the video. I was so bummed out that Ed did not drown him! Oh well, maybe he will rededicate his life at sometime and we can get someone else to hold him under water? One can only hope! After all, Easter is all about hope!

    Okay, by now you must realize that I am kidding! Way to go, KC! I wish you many years of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I love you!

    Your favorite sister-in-law 🙂

    Okay, I am your only one, but you get the point!

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