Posted by: cccmadras | April 7, 2008

Bill’s Babblings

After so many readers of this blog sent in ideas for the name of this weekly post (ok only 2), I’ve decided that Bill’s Babblings is as good a name as any so Scott congrads you win nothing.  Thank you for your help. 

On to my babblings for CCC Madras week 3.

  • We had really good attendance for the first week of spring break.  Only a few less than last week.
  • The good attendance has much to do with our community kids ministry.  They were really hopping today.   Our biggest noon community kids service ever. 
  • The most exciting thing today was the beginning of our student ministries.  Kelly and her team did an awesome job.  11 students attended.  They have even set up a small cafe’ area.  I am so proud to say we have such an outstanding student ministry.  Great job Kelly!!
  • A person at our campus has offered his lake for us to use as a baptistery.  It is clear with rocks walking down into it and it’s only about 3 miles from MMS.  That is so cool.  Can’t wait to use it!
  • Loved watching 4th and 5th graders help with communion and offering.  The highlight was the surprise of the parents when they see them. 
  • We continue to have first timers come (11 this week) and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know them a little.
  • We have a number of families that attended first on Easter and have come back all 3 weeks!
  • Unless you read this you would never know that due to issues at both the Sharpsburg and Madras campuses I came within a whisker of having to preach Jason’s message today.  It would have been fine and I was ready but I’m glad I didn’t have to do that.  That’s just part of the “fun” of leading a video venue. 
  • Big thanks to so many of you who moved from the 10:30 service to the noon service.   Much better feel in the room for visitors and you.  Thank you for serving in that way.
  • My bracket is still awesome even with TN losing I still had 3 of the final 4 picked.  ( I know it has nothing to do with Sunday but yes it’s important)
  • Today was a difficult topic for many people, but very important.  I was glad I had an opportunity to share my thoughts at the end of the message. 
  • If you are attending at Madras we could use your help.  Please email me and let me know if you would be willing to not just come to a service but help us out.  We really could use your help.


  1. Wouldn’t that have been so cool. If you got to preach. I think you would do a really good job. Oh, and the baptistery, that is awesome. Very nice of that person to offer it to us. Madras is starting to grow, and fast. 3 weeks in, and its spring break, and our attendance didn’t drop much from last week. All good news there.

  2. Simon,

    As the person who pretty much has to make sure that Bill DOESN’T have to preach on Sundays, I’m going to encourage you to not go around saying things like “I think it would be cool if Bill got to preach”. : )

  3. but…but…but…but…but….it would….lol

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