Posted by: cccmadras | May 12, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #8

Some good, some bad, lots of funny this weekend.  Here ya go with my babblings:

  • I could never honor my wife enough for the job she has done with all our kids (7,5,5 & 2).  We (the kids and I) were so excited to do many things for her today.  She is just awesome.
  • The game today in the service was so much fun. 
  • At 10:30 we had Audrey just barely beating our newest father Billy .  I couldn’t believe how much she got in her mouth at one time.
  • At noon Donavon just drooled his way to victory for his mom Tammy.  We’re talking drooled chololate all down his shirt.  Now that’s entertainment!
  • It is always fun to do things like this with Dave.
  • Many people missed the service today.  I hear some went to their mother’s churches.  Well, I’m sure they didn’t get a chance to upgrade their gifts but sucking down Whitman’s Samplers.  🙂
  • Had visitors today from a start up church in Douglasville.  This is the 3rd time in our young 8 weeks that leaders from new churches have come to visit us.  The fact that we are meeting in a school, are multi-campus and are a video venue intrigues many other church leaders.  I hope we can always be a help and a resource to other churches. 
  • The Mama’s Family video made me laugh every time and I have seen it nearly 50 times.  (due to my job as a video editor)  If you liked this week you will love part 2 this coming week.
  • Lots of little facility / equipment problems today.  None of it effected the service and all are just part of being a portable church.
  • If you think of it, pray for me as I have an important meeting this week.
  • Don joined our tech team this week and did a great job on his first day.
  • We set up and tore down in record time today.   It was amazing.  Great job team.  Now we just need to remember how we did it.   
  • We will miss Katie for 4 weeks as she left this morning for an exchange program  in Mexico.
  • Ended the day with our traditional mother’s day trip to Line Creek.  I have such a cool wife that on her day she would like to have her family with her playing in the creek.  Here a just a few pictures.

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