Posted by: cccmadras | June 13, 2008

Madras campus today

The following is an excerpt from an email I sent to many of our Madras volunteers this week.  A surprising amount of people read this blog that do not attend our campus or our church.  Which I really think is cool.  This is a little more personal and internal than I usually post here but I think it’s good so others can understand a little bit about who our church is. 

 Let me explain a little about starting a new campus or church.  The usual pattern is there is a lot of passion on launch day and tons of people.  Then that passion tends to go down as numbers go down and as you are still trying to figure out what you are doing.  Then the passion begins to return as where you are serving becomes easy and you can really focus more on people than your task.  Yes our campus has fallen into that exact same pattern.  You might be wondering where I see us right now.  Well I see us right at the cusp of stage 3.  Where the passion begins to return and grow and due to our comfort level with our areas of service we can focus much more on others.  But that is the exact problem I now see.  We are comfortable with our area of service, but we are not getting to know our people.  Yes, we are greeting them and saying hi.  The first impressions team is doing a great job of that.  What I’m talking about is getting past the hi.  How well do we know the people we are saying hi to?  Ask them about their families, their church history, what brought them here, their life.  This is the power of the small campuses.  Yes I know some of you have done this but all of us, myself included, can do better at this.  So over the next 2 months, as we move towards small groups, let’s really get to know our church.


One more thing, and I will write more about this later, but the culture of Community Christian Church is that we are an inviting church.  Church for the rest of us.  But I have seen an alarming stat recently.  Over the past 5 Sundays we have had 4 weeks of 0 first timers.  That just says to me we are not inviting much if any.   We cannot ride the coat tails of a postcard and wait for people to come.  We need to invite them.  Many more people come due to an invitation than a postcard ever does.  It’s not about us getting bigger it’s about your friend, your acquaintance who if they would just see the importance of Christ in their life, everything would change.  It’s life change and let’s get on it.




  1. I agree that our first timers level is low…because it is at 0, but I have learned that a couple of people (first timers included) have not been filling out the connection card. Someone came and visited our team and then headed to service..but I later found out they didn’t fill out a connection card. We still do need to invite more people as you said though.

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