Posted by: cccmadras | June 30, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #15

Here are my thoughts on a good weekend.

  • I started off Sunday morning driving to the wrong campus.  I always figured it would happen sometime just never thought it would take 17 weeks.
  • Once at Madras I was amazing by how incredible the school looked.  I really could eat off those floors.  I’ve said this before but I still think Madras is the cleanest nicest looking school in the county. 
  • Excited to have a new sound guy filling in for Wes this week.  (Ed Martin)
  • Speaking of Ed, it was really fun to walk him around, give him a chance to meet some people and give him a tour.   He hears me talk about the campus all the time, it was great for him to experience it.  Thanks Ed for helping us out this week.
  • Thank you John, Bryce and rest of the band for allowing my son to just hang out with you.  One of the reasons he just loves church is because of you.
  • The July 4 holiday started early for us as over 20 of our regular servers were not with us.  I so appreciate the wiliness of everyone else to serve in new areas to help fill the holes.  I love the “whatever it takes” attitude of many of the people at Madras. 
  • I know of one person who was called and came in way early just to help set up because she heard we were short.  Just awesome. 
  • I enjoyed watching the service as we (programming team) decided to try something new and stretch our church some as we let God’s word speak to us.  For some of us, God really spoke through those words and it was a great reminder of a way that God leads us.
  • please don’t forget to invite your friends to experience what you get to experience each week.
  • I had a great phone call with a first time visitor last week and she just shared how friendly our campus is.  She said she was greeted so many times that she couldn’t even remember them all.  Great job everyone.
  • Last night I also got the privlidge of running sound for Hype United also at Madras Middle School.
  • There were around 100 students there
  • Great night
  • fun to see students from Sharpsburg campus
  • Need to erase picture of Andrew in diaper from my brain
  • My daughter Sarah Beth turns 6 this week on the 4th. 
  • Discovery Class July 27th- If you want to come please let me know.  More info in program.
  • Small groups are starting August 3rd.  More info coming soon.

Great weekend spending time with so many people.   God has blessed Dawn and I with some awesome friends.  thanks.


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