Posted by: cccmadras | July 7, 2008

Andrew “skippy” Marshall

I’m very pleased to announce that it’s finally official.  On Monday July 14th Andrew Marshall joins our staff full time.  The story of how he ended up here in Sharpsburg and now working at our church is nothing but incredible.  Andrew and I first met nearly 6 years ago when he was a senior attending CEC and interning for me at News Channel 9 in Newnan.  We produced a small LIVE morning news program called, “McRae in the Morning.”  Big shout out to our 12 viewers.  You know who you are.  After that fine time in his life, he went on to film school at Savannah College of Art and Design.  Since graduation he has been working at GPTV and working part time for us. 

The ways God has brought Andrew to us can only be described as amazing.  Believe me 6 years ago neither one of us imagined we would be working together again.  I’m very thankful that we are. 

If you don’t know Andrew the best way for me to discribe him is for you to watch this.

Thanks Andrew for coming and hanging with us and serving God and others in this way.



  1. WAHOO FOR ANDREW! It is awesome that he is working full time for the church.

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