Posted by: cccmadras | July 27, 2008

the night before

Here is a little insight into my life. 

Saturday nights are one of my favorite parts of my week.  Well of course it’s Saturday night!!  They’ve written songs about that night.  Yes but my reason is quite different. 

I usually get to spend time with my family and friends or sit and watch a movie with my wife.  Which I love all of that.  But the the part later is what I want to talk about.  What I am doing right now. 

See nearly every Saturday night after all the family, friends and TV/movie watching is over I have some quite time to prepare for the next morning.  This might sound strange to you but I love reading through the message notes, the service rundown and listening to the music we are going to play in just a few hours.  I do this not just to be prepared, but while I do this I imagine how God is going to speak to people through these things.  I’m often so excited that sleep is difficult which gives me time to pray.  

Now if you are reading this and thinking I’m just strange.  I’m sorry.  There is a lot of very cool things that God does each week in our church and the thought of Him helping my friends to change just fires me up.

The message tomorrow is one that can really change your life, if you decide to do it.  Since most of you won’t read this till after Sunday morning let me remind you;

This is your moment so make the rest of the days of your life. 

 Can’t wait till morning.


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