Posted by: cccmadras | August 7, 2008

small groups begin at Madras

After nearly 4 months of meeting at Madras our small group season has begun this week.  There were many good reasons we waited so long to start, but now that we started it’s just so exciting to see what is happening around our campus.  People who only knew each other on the surface are quickly getting to know each other in a much deeper way.  My group met last night and we had an amazing first meeting.  I’m can’t wait to meet again next week as I get to know my group better and they get to know me. 

It’s only because of God that we, a new campus, have 7 awesome groups to choose from and leaders to grow into 15 if needed.  That is just amazing and exciting at the same time.

Due to my responsibilties with starting this new campus, I have not been in a small group like this in over a year and I have missed it.  I hope your group experiences have been as good as mine.  If so, please comment here and let me know how it’s going.


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