Posted by: cccmadras | August 18, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #22

I should title this post – Life as a portable church.

Here are some of the fun things that happened yesterday and this weekend:

  • No, the fire alarm didn’t go off during message in the noon service but it sure sounded like it.  Thank you for everyone there for your understanding as we fixed the noise.  By the way, it was coming from the school PA system not our equipment.
  • Other issues also went on that just make being a portable church so exciting.  (I’d rather not discuss at this time)
  • Seems like school got rolling and people forgot about attending church.  Many of our regular attenders were not with us this week.  Are you thinking of someone that was missing?  Good, give them a call today.
  • Good news is all of our first time visitors from last week came back.  Both families mentioned to me how welcome they feel here.  Great job everyone meeting and talking to people.
  • Lots of good talks with the outreach and connection team.  Very excting things coming up real soon in that ministry.
  • Looking forward to our next Madras campus wide picnic on Sunday night Sept 21st at B.T. Brown Reservoir.  Start planning now to join us for dinner that night.
  • Wow, Jason’s message on gossip was hard to hear.  I’ve been involved in many prayer meetings where I or others in the room did exactly what he was talking about.  Didn’t hear it?  Listen here.
  • Jason’s 3 great points about gossip:   1.  Does it elevate character or tear it down?  2.  It is useful to the people listening.  3.  Is there an evil selfish motive causing me to speak right now?
  • I’m reading a great book called Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson.  I hope to finish it and blog about it tomorrow.
  • On Saturday I went shopping at REI with the entire family, for my upcoming trip.  Wild time there with my wife, 7, 6, 5, 2.5 yrs olds and Andrew.  Thanks Andrew for tagging along.   Gotta love living this close to Atlanta and having awesome camping stores to visit.
  • School started for my family today.  I’m glad we are back in a routine.
  • Dylan and I had a bike race on Thursday and well I won.  (sorry) As soon as the race was over he said he’d be right back and ran into the house.  I was a little concerned but since I had the other 3 I gave him a little time.  Few minutes later he runs out with my trophy.  See below.  God does give us kids so we can raise them but also so we can learn from them.   Thanks Dylan.
  • My bike race award made by my son



  1. That was nice of Dylan to do. I want that bike though, it looks awesome!

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