Posted by: cccmadras | August 31, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #24

  • I was very encouraged by our good attendance for a holiday weekend.  I think the total in attendance was 149. 
  •  We had leaders from 2 different churches visit with us this week.  I consider it such an honor that many churches come and check out what we are doing.  I really enjoy meeting them and hope that their visit with us can be helpful for them.
  • Kelly and her team are doing an amazing job leading student ministry.  They had 18 with them this week!!!
  • Speaking of students, those guys are really stepping up to help set up and tear down.  I’ve been more impressed with them each week.
  • Text from Andrew to me around 10:45am this morning, “You almost preached the message today.”  Yes, that would have been fun.  Great job Andrew getting Jason on the screen.
  • I hear my good friend Kelley Davenport did an amazing job as video director.  I’m not surprised.
  • Speaking of newbies how bout Lizzy on drums.  Great job Lizzy!!
  • We had one guy serving with us this morning that had only 6 hrs of sleep in nearly 3 days.  Now that is dedication. 
  • Small groups keep going and growing.  Join us and get in one.  It’s great.
  • Many requests for today’s message.  Great job Jason.  If you missed it download it here for free. 
  • I loved hearing the gasps each service during the Babe Ruth baseball video.  What a great illustration.
  • I was able to eat meals with many of our close friends yesterday and today.  I never want to take for granted the incredible friends God has brought into our lives. 
  • Tomorrow spending the day with family and baseball practice.  (Dylan’s season starts Saturday)
  • Also going to Chick-fil-A tomorrow for free chicken strips.    Go Bucs.
  • Did you see the Turkey Olympics commercial.  I shot that footage at the Sharpsburg campus over a year ago hoping we could use it sometime.  Leave it to Kelley to find a way to use it. 
  • If you missed last week’s commercial for the Turkey Olympics  here it is.
  • Saw some old friends today and as I gave them a tour I was just so proud of the Madras Campus.  You all work so hard and do an amazing job every week.  Thank you for all you do.
  • Really looking forward to VISION Sunday this week as we start Slang.  Make sure you can attend.
  • Hey WOW I beat both Ed and Jason on their updates.  That never happens. 

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