Posted by: cccmadras | October 8, 2008

375 of me

Ok this has nothing to do with a campus but I just think it’s interesting.  This site tells you how many people are in the US with the same name as you.  For example let’s take my family there are:

  • 375 William Coffman’s in the USA (17 Bill Coffman’s)
  • 31 Dawn Coffman’s
  • 2 Dylan Coffman’s
  • 78 Sarah Coffman’s
  • 3 Will Coffman’s
  • and only 1 Ariana Coffman

Few more interesting names to note:

  • Ed Martin – 133
  • Jason Collins – 1,354
  • John Martin – 13,684  (John is the 2nd most popular first name and Martin is the 16th most popular last name)  Wow, John you are popular. 


  1. Cool site, there’s only one of me in the U.S

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