Posted by: cccmadras | October 20, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #31

  • Great emotional day.
  • Homosexuality is a difficult subject to talk about particularly in a church.  I’m glad we attend a church that is willing to talk about difficult subjects.
  • One man said to me as he was walking out, “I nearly walked out when he (Ed) started, but he ended well.”
  • Another person said, “I feel like I was beat up, but in a good way.  I think I needed it.”
  • We all needed that message. 
  • I loved the video.  Lamar’s talk was hard to hear, but right on. 
  • Funny part of the video for me was when my wife (soon to be mother of 5) says, “I don’t know how you guys keep up with all the stuff your kids do.  When I get married I’m going to have to hire a personal assistant to keep up with everything.”   
  • First timers everywhere yesterday.  They came due to conversations on a blog, at a teacher breakfast, at a monthly party, at college, with family members, co-worker and many others.  Notice nearly all came due to conversations with friends. 
  • A couple people stepped to help us out by serving.  It’s cool how God always sends us the right people.
  • I had a little trailer towing relief this week.  Thank you.
  • Dawn had dinner out with some close friends Friday night so I had Pizza/popcorn/movie party with my kids.  We had lots of fun.
  • Big night for my extended family last night as the Tampa Bay Rays and Bucs both won.  Some of my family was at the Buccaneers game and once the game ended they watched the last 2 innings of the Rays going to the World Series on the big screen in the Bucs stadium.  
  • Now if the Bucs could get to the superbowl you’d have both the World Series and Super Bowl in Tampa this year!  

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