Posted by: cccmadras | November 3, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #33

  • first of all, to the hundreds of you who emailed,  I’m sorry there were no babblings last week.  
  • I’m going to love this new series.  I love the ones that kick me.  I want it all
  • We had a lot of people at the 10:30 service.  Maybe we should change the time more often.
  • The noon service eventually had a few people come in but it was strange when it was only Paulette and myself in the seats for the prelude.  
  • Lots of new people again this week.  They all came due to a personal invite.  Great job everyone.
  • Great job Dave on the Welcome. I love having a day that I have no “job” and I can spend my day just talking with people.  thanks Dave.
  • Did you notice the new colors behind Ed while he preached.   It was wild week around here getting that to work.  Short story is, sometimes things are not always as they seem.  
  • I’m very excited about our new mentoring program with Madras Middle School.  Join a bunch of us as we help the school in their HUGE need.  
  • Want more information about the metor program?  Let me know
  • Had a great “drop in” meeting with the Principle Johnson at Madras today and I was so proud to be part of our church.  She had so many nice things to say about us.  Thank you church for doing such a good job taking care of the building.
  • Community Thanksgiving Meal is nearly here.  What to help click here.   Want to eat, cool, come and join us.   My family will all be eating there, come and find us.
  • Speaking of family, I’m excited to say my mom is coming in town this weekend for Dawn’s birthday.  She’ll be at Church on Sunday, make sure you stop her and tell her some lies about me.
  • Had a great Halloween with my family and great friends.  
  • Once again we invaded Jason Collins’ neighborhood.  Man, they have some good candy.  Great chili and pie.  (pictures here when I have time)
  • Nelson and Mary have become another set of grandparents for my kids.   Thanks.
  • Falcons looked great.  My Bucs won another one in amazing fashion.   I still don’t know how they won.
  • dawgs became gater lunch.   sorry Jason.
  • Last week Dawn & I took our kids and Andrew up to Ellijay for fried apple pie, pumpkins and BBQ.  It was a fun day.  


  1. What do you mean “our kids and Andrew”. I thought Andrew WAS one of your kids.

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