Posted by: cccmadras | November 24, 2008

bill’s babblings #36

  • Wow it’s Thanksgiving week already.  Loved seeing all the clothes and stuff everyone brought to give away.  Can’t wait till Thursday.  
  • I plan on going to both Arnco Sargent and Newnan High School on Thursday, hope to see you there.
  • I really loved being back up on stage at the end of the message on Sunday.   I don’t get to do that very often and I really look forward to sharing my heart with you.  
  • Just got off the phone with an out of state friend and I just love being about to tell him about the generosity our church this Thanksgiving.  That’s what Christians should be known for.
  • Did you see the tease for our Christmas series.   “When Love Came To Town”.  If you love U2’s music and serving others, you will love this series in December. 
  • I’m very excited about 3-4 new families who have decided to make Community Christian Madras their home church.   
  • In addition to Ed and Jason I often listen to other preachers on my ipod and something I heard today just won’t leave me.  He asked, “how many of you would say money does not buy happiness? Now be honest, how many of you would say a little bit more money would really help you?  Look at the hyprocy.  We claim to believe that money does not buy happiness but if your honest nearly everyone would say just a little bit more would help.  Because we believe in God but we trust money to make us happy.  We don’t want to admit that but the way we live makes it true.”   Where do you put more of your trust in Money or God?  My goal for next year is to be more reliant on God and less on money. 
  • Amazing God story – Last Thanksgiving we still didn’t know where Community Christian Church Madras was going to meet.  Now our campus is 9 months old and around 150 people come each week as we together are reaching those who are unconnected to Christ and His church and together we’re growing toward full devotion to Him.
  • Hope to see you next week as we talk about Heaven and Hell.  Is it real?  If so do we really go to one or the other?

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