Posted by: cccmadras | December 1, 2008

Bill’s Babblings #37

  • It was a great Thanksgiving weekend!!  If you were out of town, make sure you include our community meal in your plans next year.   It was amazing.
  • I loved seeing 1000’s of people of different ages, races and nationalities all eating an awesome meal together.  
  • One of my favorite stories was of a worker helping a man carry huge bags of clothes to his car.  When he got to the car the man’s mother was in the car crying.  She said now she has clothes for all her kids and family members.   
  • Great service on Heaven and Hell yesterday.  Jason did an awesome job scratching the surface on this complicated subject.  Have more questions make sure you click here and discuss with him.
  • Didn’t you love seeing Steve Clark dance to Highway to Hell.  (you had to be there to understand)
  • It was cool having Nathan lead worship for us.  Great job Nathan.
  • When Love Came To Town starts this week.  Great series to invite someone to.  Especially if they like U2 music.  
  • can anyone in NFC south lose?  2 teams at 9-3 and 1 at 8-4.  Atlanta just keeps winning.  As a huge Buccaneer fan I’m very scared of Matt Ryan, he’s awesome.
  • Congrads Keith Davenport and all you other GA Tech fans.  I still can’t believe you won.  oooo did I type that out loud?
  • I have BIG news involving chicken to share with you later this week.  Let me just say a certain cow and I are about to be very good friends.


  1. Dont feel bad Bill! It only took 7 years to beat us so once every 7 years isn’t bad!!!

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