Posted by: cccmadras | December 20, 2008

Life of a campus pastor

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs of campus pastors around the country. There are now many of us (campus pastors) around.  Lately, Doug Gramble Campus Pastor of Suncrest East (meets in movie theater in IN) has been writing about his experiences  starting the campus.  Once I read the post below I realized I could have written it.  I have changed a few things (BOLD) but mostly this is part of what it’s like starting a campus.

I was reminded last week of how many people I miss seeing at the Sharpsburg campus now that we’ve launched the Madras campus.  There are so many that I just don’t get to see that often now that I am not at Sharpsburg on Sunday mornings.

It was an odd occurrence when I met two ladies in the hallway (during the week) and as one reached out to give me a hug she said, “Well, hello stranger!” My office is still at the Sharpsburg location so to be called a stranger was funny to me.  (Yes this has happend to me also)

One of the best parts of launching Madras is that most of my “tribe” went with me.  It’s like one big party every Sunday.  No, I’m serious, it really is.  These are guys that I have hung around with for awhile now and we have a blast.  But not everyone of my friends went.  And then there are so many that I was not really close to but that I really enjoyed hanging around.  These are people I miss on Sundays.

Here’s what it has reminded me.  My faith community can’t be about Sundays!  I do miss seeing some people on Sunday mornings but if I miss them then I have amazing technology at my fingertips that helps me connect with them.  It does take more effort but who cares!  If I want to connect with them I can.

I love the fact that my “faith community”, my friends are 7 days a week and not just Sunday morning.  Thank you for all the support so many of you have given us here at Madras and Sharpsburg.


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