Posted by: cccmadras | January 1, 2009

Most important day of my life

Today is the 24th anniversary of the most significant day in my life.  No it is not my marriage anniversary.  (That is the second most significant day)  On January 1, 1985 in my living room somewhere near midnight I decided that accepting Jesus Christ to lead my life was the correct decision to make.  I had no idea how significant that one decision was but I do now.  I have realized that every major decision and most small decisions I have made in my life all go back to that night.  The two people who gave so much of their time that night to help me understand what it means to be a follower of Christ had no idea then of what that would do to me and every area of my life. 

I remember the Orange Bowl was on, just like right now, and we talked all through the game and way into the night and into the next morning.   It was Washington VS Oklahoma if you want to know.  (yes, I had to look  it up) 

On this Spiritual birthday of mine I just wanted to talk a minute to thank those 2 people.  I have been very blessed that God has used me in so many ways over the years but if it wasn’t for these 2 people giving up so much of their time on a Holiday for me it all might not have happened. 

Who is it you are building a relationship with right now?  You have no idea how important the time you spend together is. 

I’m scared to think what my life would have been without that night 24 years ago.


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