Posted by: cccmadras | January 6, 2009

Morning Ritual

I have recently decided on a morning ritual for this year. Why? Well Mark Batterson explains it much better in his recent post than I ever could. I have copied it here for you.

“The next morning Jesus awoke long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray.” (Mark 1:35)

Is there something you need to start doing or stop doing? Or maybe it’s as simple as setting your alarm fifteen minutes earlier so you can spend some time with God. Don’t think you can do it for the rest of the year? Why not try it for twenty-one days. Figure out what works for you. Come up with a plan. Then execute it.

This is more than an isolated incident. It was a morning ritual. And I’m convinced that the example Jesus set is the key to my spiritual future and yours. If I start my day by reading my Bible I get on God’s wavelength. If I don’t, I don’t. It’s that simple.

I’ve always been challenged by something I read in a D.L. Moody biography years ago. Moody said he felt guilty if he heard the blacksmiths hammering before he started praying. Why did God use Moody in such a powerful way? I think it’s simple: he got up early to spend time with God.

Today marks the eleven-year anniversary of my father-in-law’s death. Bob Schmidgall was the quintessential pastor. He had a huge heart for people. He had a huge heart for missions. And God used him to influence tens of thousands of lives. But if you asked me the secret to his success it’s simple: he got up early to spend time with God.

This isn’t rocket science. God uses people who put Him first. And one way we put him first is by giving him the first part of our day.

I would encourage you to examine your morning ritual.


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