Posted by: cccmadras | January 19, 2009

Bill’s Babblings #40

Sorry for the week off in updates but here we go.  A few notes from the past 2 weeks:

  • Lots of good feedback from Cash Flow.  I love talking about how our relationship with God affects our money and vice versa. 
  • Did you see Jason get hit in that video!?!?  Yes, he was not acting, it hurt.  It was funnier live, let me tell ya. 
  • I hope to get that video online soon.  Remind me if you don’t see it in a day or so.  I could watch that all day. 
  • Had a few people come back last week we have not seen in months.  It was great to see them again.
  • This week a baptism we had planned was cancelled but all the family still came and love the church.
  • I was reminded last week how much God is blessing our campus.  It’s just amazing. 
  • Our campus leaders meet last week and we have some really cool stuff coming over the next 2 months.  Let me tell you about some.
  • Feb 8 – Share Dish
  • March 14 & 21 – A great Madras Campus service event to help the food pantry and Welcome House.   (more info soon)
  • March 20 – Our next Madras Teacher/Staff  Breakfast
  • March 22 – Madras 1 Year Anniversary Party.  Make plans now!!
  • Last weekend I took all my kids and Abby Collins to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  It was a wild time.  I wish everyone could have seen Ariana and Abby singing their hearts out in the back of the van. 
  • I’m leaving the office now to pick up my kids from Wild Days.  How cool is our church that my kids attend a campus that has 15-20 kids their age but are part of a church that does an event like this and nearly 50 elementary kids show up!  My kids are having a blast. 
  • Our Starting Point Classes are starting March 1.  I heard some awesome stories from the Sharpsburg meetings this week.

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