Posted by: cccmadras | February 4, 2009

Ole’ Kentucky Home

My family and I will be leaving in a few hours for a quick 2 and half day trip to Kentucky to visit my dad, step-mom and many other family members. 

An amazing thing will happen on Friday.  I have been asked by a church in Lexington to come and talk to them about multi-site.  Why is that amazing?  It’s not that I’ve been asked.  It’s the fact that through the sacrifice of so many people, God has continued to bless our campus.  And because of that, I’m able to share with others how God works in this new form of church.  As I shared with the creative arts team on Sunday.  What you do each and every Sunday is bigger than what happens in Madras Middle School.   God is using us for great things.  Thank you for serving. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you, as we eat together this Sunday.


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