Posted by: cccmadras | February 9, 2009

Bill’s Babblings #44

What a day yesterday was.  Here are a few highlights and a low light.

  • I arrived at 7am at the school to find we had a problem with our baptistery.  Let’s just say after much help we solved the problem and we will have to reschedule the baptism.  Sorry again Jessica.
  • We had a great crowd at 10:30 this week. 
  • Loved the Happy Birthday call out from Jason to his mommy.  I loved even more the Madras cheer for her.   Happy Birthday Mary.
  • This week will go down in history as the day the noon service passed the 10:30 service in attendance.  Great job noon service inviting your friends.
  • Due to the noon service we had one of our highest attendance days ever. 
  • 13 first timers!  Great job church!
  • The lunch was “off the chain”.  We had so many people, I was amazed we didn’t run out of food.  It was awesome.
  • The lunch is another example of what is so great about being a campus.  We are like a really big family.  Great job everyone bringing food and spending time together.
  • Picture of the lunch are below.
  • I announced our Replenish service project in March.   I can wait to go into the neighborhoods around Madras and help the Coweta Community Food Pantry. 
  • I meet with a grocery store that wants to help us in this project.
  • I had a great meeting with a church in Lexington over the weekend.  They are very interested in what is happening with us in regard to multi-site.  I love helping other churches.
  • Heard many stories this weekend of how God is using our campus to reach people.  It’s very exciting to be a part.
  • Our children’s ministry (particularly the nursery) is busting at the seems.  It’s amazing how many newborns we have for a campus our size.  And I’ll be adding 1 more to the room in April.  Our nursery team does such a great job.  But could use some help.  If you can help email Bryan. 

Bunch of people and food.

Bunch of people and food.



The food was amazing

The food was amazing


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