Posted by: cccmadras | February 16, 2009

Bill’s Babblings #45

  • great to have a non leaking baptistry (big thanks to Steve Baker and Gary Dissolkoen)
  • Congrads Jessica on your baptism
  • Great job Kim
  • Wow the band was rocking this week!
  • Great job on your first week Reid! (drummer)
  • I will never hear “Anyway” again and not think of Stepanie signing it.
  • A great service in many ways.
  • The video about those of us coming over to Madras to start this was very emotion for me every time I watched it. 
  • Jason had a lot of fun with me this week.  And boy, did you all in 10:30 have fun with his jokes!! 
  • One person was laughing at me and said see you can’t even respond back.  (pointing to the screen)
  • It’s good to know we are all idiots. 
  • One person who didn’t hear the message was told he was an idiot and he was very confused and a little upset.  I loved it.  See you better be in the service.
  • Lot’s of good stuff happening concerning Replenish 2009. 
  • Our goal now is 2000 homes. 
  • March 22nd – 1 year old party.  Be there
  • gotta go and post Jessica’s baptism on this blog.

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