Posted by: cccmadras | March 3, 2009

Bill on America’s favorite reality show

Yes, here it is. The perfect video for all you people who need to be reminded that there is someone who sings worse than you.



  1. Lol…ahhh how I love this video. You are, the next american Idol!

  2. Thank you, thank you!
    I am calling 1-866-BILL-ROCKS now to vote for you!!!!

  3. hahah man thats funny … you have a beautiful voice simons just jelious

  4. Love it, I’m still laughing!

  5. hah, this is so funny, i never did get to see it on sunday. hah,
    i gotta admit andrew and his elf costume was the frosting on the cake. ahah

  6. hah haha that was funny bill. lol

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