Posted by: cccmadras | March 17, 2009

bill’s babblings #51

  • great service on Sunday
  • Largest noon service in the history of our campus.
  • Hey 10:30 service, what up?  noon service has totally passed you up.
  • good buzz from replenish day 1
  • looking forward to wrapping it up this saturday. 
  • I’m personally looking forward to talking again to a few people I meet last Saturday morning. 
  • You knew if Kelley was on American Idol it was going to be strange but THAT was strange.  Funny, very funny but out there.
  • 2 more weeks of American Idol.  I just finished this week’s guest video.  Funny funny funny.
  • I wish everyone could sit in on Starting Point.  We have 11 awesome people getting involved in our campus.
  • It was pretty emotional coming up to talk after It is Well video and song on Sunday. 
  • My officemate Andrew made that amazing video for the service.   It was just awesome!!
  • I can’t believe we have been doing this for a year now.  This Sunday is our big party.  Hope everyone can come.
  • I have not counted, not sure if I can, but I would bet there have been over 500 different people attend the campus over the past year.
  • Weather looks great for the party. 
  • personal note, my home computer totally died.  It was around 6 years old and needed to die.  It made things a little crazy around here for a few days.   But, on the positive side, it gave me an excuse to finally buy my first laptop.  I’m very excited.  I’m always about 5-10 years behind everyone else.  🙂
  • Oh on a bigger more important personal note we have a set due date for our newest addition to our family.  Samuel is scheduled to arrive on April 16th.  Only 4 days after Easter.  Dawn is tired but doing very well.

see you at the party on Sunday,




  1. Lol, should have told me you where looking for a laptop, I just started selling HP, Toshiba, and Acer. lol. And the noon service did seem sort of big. Can’t believe we have been at Madras for a year now. Its amazing.

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