Posted by: cccmadras | March 24, 2009

What’s Happening #1

It’s the beginning of year 2 for the Madras campus so Bill’s Babblings has a new (still weak) name. 

  • The greatest weekend of our campus life.  (yes it was greater than opening day a year ago)
  • Friday we had a great teacher breakfast for the faculty and staff of Madras Middle School.  It gets better every time we do it.  Many of us are getting to know some of the faculty and staff and they are getting to know us.
  • Saturday was the end of Replenish.  WOW.  263 bags on Saturday with 20 or so more on Sunday.  
  • I loved serving together with people from both campuses. 
  • God is showing  me often that Madras has HUGE support from Sharpsburg and that means so much to us.
  • We had at least 5 people stop by the church Sunday to drop off bags.   That is so cool.
  • Sunday service was great.
  • I have loved the American Idol series. 
  • The new idea of us praying for the 60,000 at least one a month in a service is very exciting to me.
  • Our first Starting Point class ended this week and they are starting their own small group tomorrow night.  
  • I have grown to really love those 11 people in that class.
  • Tony and Francis Brown are awesome Starting Point leaders!
  • Our party was so much fun.   I heard it often this week how relaxed it was and how everyone so enjoyed just spending time together. 
  • Buddy Powers is the greatest grill man of all time. 
  • Keith and Susanne Davenport made a perfect cake.  Did you see the paper people on it?  That was so cool.
  • I will be posting pictures on this blog soon from the party.
  • Yes our attendance was up on Sunday and our noon service was great, but surprisingly it was the same size as the week before.    Our noon service is just doing awesome.  Great job noon service people!
  • The explosion on Sunday was children’s ministry!  Both services were the largest all time and we have never had so many kids on our campus on one Sunday before.  Bryan and his team are doing a great job, but if would like to help them they could really use you.  Please email me and let me know.
  • I met many new people on Sunday and heard many great stories how people are leaning into God.

What a weekend.   Now I can’t wait till Easter.  Start now inviting your friends.   Don’t have any friends that don’t already go to church?  Well there are 60.000 of them out there, go meet them.


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