Posted by: cccmadras | April 1, 2009

What’s Happening #2

  • sorry this is so late.
  • what a great service Sunday was.
  • at 10:30 lots of good talks about what it means to really surrender to Christ and baptism.
  • at noon we kicked off the service with Taff’s baptism and then ended the service with Kendra’s.  How cool is that?
  • My favorite moment in the service was walking out from behind the curtain after the noon service was over and the band had all left the stage and seeing 50 some people still sitting there waiting to watch and support Kendra.  That was awesome.
  • I’ll try to get the two baptisms posted on this site today.
  • We had TONS of first time visitors this week in both services.
  • I’ve had lots of good conversations with people already this week.
  • Matter of fact we had more first timers this week than any week (including opening day) in our history!!  Great job everyone inviting!!
  • If you were wondering 17 of our first timers were in the 10:30 service.
  • NEXT SUNDAY IS EASTER – Invite people you know.   Remember 82% of the people you invite to church on Easter will say yes.   So let’s invite 100 and see 82 experience what you get to experience every week.
  • My friends from Starting Point had their first small group meeting.  I’ve heard so much great things from that group.  Great job everyone.
  • This Sunday we will have 6-8 people from the Sharpsburg campus hanging out with us.  They are coming to see what it’s really like to serve at a multi-site campus.  Every ministry will have 2 -3 of them.   please help them feel welcome and hey let’s use them.
  • I had many people ask me about Dawn and our baby.   All I know right now is he (Samuel) seems to want to arrive sooner than later.  So we will see.   I will post info and pictures here as soon as we go to the hospital.  (good thing I got my laptop)
  • Thank you to some of our friends who surprised us with a very nice shower the other day.  Dawn and the girls had so much fun.
  • The boys and I had a great time having a picnic in the back of our van at Sonic.  Dylan said it was the greatest picnic he’s ever had.  🙂
  • I was able to take a day off on Monday and go with Sarah Beth on her field trip to the zoo.  We had a great day and awesome weather.
  • Why did Jesus have to die?   Find out this week.

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