Posted by: cccmadras | April 27, 2009

What’s Happening

  • Jason talked about sex and our a/c didn’t work.  mmmm.
  • If you didn’t attend the noon service you missed me getting very flustered during the welcome as I discussed the topic of the day and the fact that it was very hot in the room.  
  • Lots of people today.  
  • great to see again some people I first met at Easter.
  • I had fun reliving Deborah’s baptism with her.  I’m so excited for you Deborah.
  • I know we only do it every month or so in the service but I really love taking time out of our services to pray for the 60,000.  It helps us all to be on the same page.
  • Loved meeting some new people today.
  • I heard Taff knocked it out of the park in Community Kids large group.
  • Great to see Christin and her new baby.   My baby Samuel is now not the youngest person at the campus.
  • Big thanks to Buddy for getting his fans.  
  • I never heard anyone complain about the heat.  Great job everyone being flexible as we worked to keep the rooms cooler.  
  • A/C should be on this week.  
  • I’m really looking forward to Starting Point.  It starts in 3 weeks.  Let me know if you can join us.
  • Start making your best dishes for our picnic in 3 weeks.  These are always fun and awesome food.
  • Speaking of awesome food, my family has been just blown away by the generosity of our church as so many people have been bringing us amazing dishes so that Dawn doesn’t have to cook.  Thank you so much.  
  •  I got to see LIVE (on TV) maybe the most exciting play in baseball last night. A straight steal of home.  Here it is as it happened.

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