Posted by: cccmadras | May 4, 2009

what’s happening

  • another good day for us at Madras.
  • loved seeing the heads bobbing while Nathan ripped “You Really Got Me”  during the prelude.
  • What did you think about our new “call to worship”?  I really liked the fact that the video help us focus on God.
  • Cool new song this week
  • Band is still looking for a home to practice in.  We have a few options that we are looking into.  If you could help us please let me know. 
  • Who knew Bryan Bendixen could run a pool table like that?
  • I had fun running sound today.  I’m glad I could give Wes a well deserved break.  Boy, it was hard for me to stay behind the sound board and not go walking off talking to people.
  • Looking forward to starting a new series called Identity Theft this week.  
  • Got to talk some more to some really cool new people.
  • More people signed up for starting point.  We have a bunch signed up.  Looking forward to getting to know them better starting in 2 weeks. 
  • Picnic time is coming May 17th.  Plan on hanging around with us after the noon service.
  • Nearly 200 people participated in the AIDS box project at Sharpsburg!  I heard Madras was well represented.  Sorry we were not about to attend.  
  • My son Dylan turns 8 tomorrow!
  • Yesterday Dylan had a make up baseball game.  He loves baseball.  When we told him he couldn’t play due to our family going 100 mph and we like to have some family time on Sunday afternoon he totally understood and never once complained.  I was so proud of him.
  • Big thanks to Bryan and Kerri for helping us with our kids so Dawn and I could go on a date Friday night.  We saw Kenny Loggins at the Fred.  We took Samuel with us.  Never too young for a little 80’s music.
  • Last night we got to spend a little time with some very wonderful friends of ours we don’t get to see much anymore.
  • Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this week.  

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