Posted by: cccmadras | June 3, 2009

One step for man, thousands for a kid

Dylan had a great first night at home.  It is just amazing how well he is doing.  Praise God.  He got up and walked around the house today.  Here are a few pictures of him in his new turtle shell.  (I doubt he’ll be in it too long)  About 50 hours for a tragic accident to walking.  Our miracle boy. 

i made the pictures smaller size than i usually do so more can click on them.



  1. Looking Good, young man! I haven’t seen a turtle shell that stylish since the the 60’s. Grandpa Claude

  2. Dylan you don’t know how happy I am to see you standing. You are such a brave boy. The turtle shell is very colorful – I love it. I printed the picture and I have it hanging up at my desk. I love you lots and lots. Nana

  3. Man! i’m so glad dylan is doing awsome!!!
    your sucha brave little dude,
    Bill, don’t tell dylan, but im going to the store to get him a superman shirt..
    i’ll try to find one in his size, it may be a tad bit big though…
    but i’ll give it to him Sunday….
    (i have a superman infatuation too) haha

  4. Lol, yep, he is back to being Dylan. Thats great, I am so happy he is doing so well Bill. You got one really tough kid!

  5. That is so awesome i loves the colors!! God is good all the time. Love you all..

  6. What a beautiful sight!!! What wonderful news!!! Our hearts leap with joy! Praise God!!!

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