Posted by: cccmadras | June 15, 2009

redneck swimming pool

What do you call it when your kids begin to use your former cat’s litter box (cleaned out) for a swimming pool?

captions anyone?



  1. I have heard of small pools, i didn’t realized they made them in XXXX-small. Whose idea was that?

  2. Here is a comment from my brother Dan:

    CALL NOW, DONT WAIT! Clean both your kids and cats bottoms at one time! The all new SHINY CAT ALL-PURPOSE LITTER POOL (SCALP) for short.

    It washes your cat!
    It washes your kids!
    It is a great play area for all kids of all ages!
    You can even buy the slide for easy access into the litter pool! Heck we will even throw in another yellow slider for dualing sliding action!.
    Dont be dismayed by the heat and that you dont have a pool, get out and buy the SCALP!
    For an additional small fee we can send out our expert Redneck kids to test out your new SCALP! They will teach your kid to be a redneck in no time!
    So get off the couch, drop the remote, quit scratching those lottery tickets, and put some pants on and get going to the store.

    Note: Does not come with pool cleaning device to remove kitty litter. Slides sold separtely. Not responsible for litter being stuck to bottom after swimming.

  3. “Where’s the lifeguard!”
    “Mommy! Do I need my floatees?”
    “Why can’t I go in the deep end?”
    “Mommy! Dylan won’t get out of the deep end.”
    “Can I bring my Whale Swimming Pool Float?”
    “Wow, I have seen larger spit cups”
    “For our next event, the amazing Sarah Beth will slide into a glass of water.”
    Disclaimer: Please do not try this at home. These are trained small pool swimmers and sliders.

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