Posted by: cccmadras | June 22, 2009

What’s happening

  • Dawn and I had a very nice relaxing anniversary vacation on Amelia Island this weekend.  Big thanks to so many people who helped us so much with our kids so we could go on this trip.  Thank you.
  • Good service yesterday with lots of fun father’s day stuff.
  • Most fun being “Boxing for Meat”.  See pictures below.
  • Great job technical team setting all the wii stuff up and getting in on our screens.  Never underestimate how hard our tech team works since we operate in a portable setting.
  • Loved giving away a steak.  Hope the guys were happy.
  • Everyone seemed to love Perry Noble’s preaching on Sunday.  He is such an engaging speakers.  Many people asked me about his church.  Here is the link to his church.
  • Great job Nathan leading the band while John was at our other campus.
  • I’m very sad to report the Dittmer family is moving in two weeks.  Carl, Beth and their kids have been with us since we began and due to his job switch they will be moving.  If you remember I had the honor of baptizing their daughter Kendra earlier this year.  We will be very sorry to see them go but I’m so glad to have gotten to know them over the past year and a half.  Beth told me today that this will be their 24th move.
  • Make sure you join us for our last week of One Prayer this Sunday.
  • Here are a few pictures Dawn Doyle was nice enough to take for me of this past Sunday’s game


  1. hate to post something off topic, but what are your thoughts on this video?

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